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8500 hospital beds added in five years

November 25, 2010

The past five years has witnessed a fast development of the medical treatment sector. The number of hospital beds has increased by 8500, which has resulted in a much alleviation of the lack of medical resources.

To increase the supply of quality health services, in 2005 the city invested four billion yuan for the construction of 10 big health projects. In the period of five years, a number of big projects have been completed, such as the relocation project of the Yinzhou People’s hospital, the relocation project of the Yuyao People’s hospital, the Mingzhou Hospital project, the second hospital project of Yinzhou, the expansion project of the sixth hospital, the relocation project of the TCM hospital, the expansion project of the wards building of the women’s and children’s hospital and the expansion project of the second hospital. By the first half of next yea, the expansion building of the first hospital will be completed and put to use. In addition, some other medical establishments will be started construction within the year. During the past five years, 122 health centers in communities have seen the standardization work completed.
Statistics from the health bureau show that in the number of beds in 2005 was 18458 in the whole city and is expected to reach 27000 by the end of the years, with the growth rate reaching 41.2%.

The chief director of the health bureau said a new round of medical facility construction will be initiated, which includes the expansion project of the second hospital of Yuyao, the phas-2 project of the Xiangshan’s First Hospital, and Ninghai women’s and children’s hospital, etc.
(Source: Ningbo Municipal People's Government)