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Stanley Tong says he is to MEGA CINEMAS in Ningbo

November 24, 2010

A couple of days ago, the famous director Stanley Tong came to Ningbo to promote his film Bootstrapping (Fendou or Struggle) with the actress Li Yuan. He also attended the signing ceremony with Lishi Group. The two sides agreed to establish MEGA CINEMAS in Ningbo. 

While dedicated to making films, Mega Cinemas also aims to provide a better terminal platform for new performers and directors. Tong said the US has a total of 40,000 screens, while China has got only 6000, despite that the number is increasing at an annual rate of 500 per year. “It is a long way to go for China”, he said. But he added: “Ningbo and Zhejiang boast rich cultural heritages. I’m optimistic about the movie market in Zhejiang and Ningbo. I hope to achieve win-win results through the cooperation.” 

At the press conference, Tong refrained from telling where he was going to open the first cinema in Ningbo. But he assured that he would explore the Zhejiang market together with Lishi Group, and that they would cooperate with some international corporations to introduce high-grade and more tasteful products. “We will provide more humane services”, he said.
(Source: Ningbo Municipal People's Government)