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Hong Kong and Macau Name List

Ming Kee Manufactory Ltd
Lifestyle International Holdings Ltd
Hope Textile (HK) Ltd
Kin Hip Metal & Plastic Fty Ltd
Ching Ming Aluminium Die Casting Msy Ltd
Hanison Construction Holdings Ltd
Aji-No-Chinmi (HK) Co Ltd
Lee Cheong Gold Dealers Ltd
Van Shung Chong Holdings Ltd
Shanghai Commercial Bank Ltd
Corporate Member
Bonds Group of Companies
Double Dragon Telecommunication Equipment Ltd
Ziangkong Trading Co Ltd
Artom Ltd
Chevalier International Holdings Ltd
Merryrich Industrial Ltd
Clipperton International Trading Corp. (USA)
Corporate Member
Akita (HK) Company Ltd
Oak Maritime (HK) Inc Ltd
Tai On City Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd.
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